Press release From the House of Folklore – The House of Diversity – Sana’a

Press release From the House of Folklore – The House of Diversity – Sana’a
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Press release From the House of Folklore – The House of Diversity – Sana’a
The House of Folklore (HoF) in Sana’a closed down its doors as of Thursday, May 6th, 2010 so it does not collapse on the heads of workers and visitors and loved ones and on its belongings. After more than six years on the journey of suffering, the adventure of achievement and the try to display and highlight the heritage of diversity and pluralism in Yemen, the collapsing building could no longer withstand a wave of heavy rains which were strong on the house and have taken their toll on the exhibits of antiques, fashion, photographs, books as well as the electricity wires whose situation has become very critical.
Therefore, in order for the house not to break down, we were sorry to close its doors before visitors, researchers and students, emphasizing that programs, seminars and publications and all that relating to its research activity will continue, even if it is closed for some time.
The House’s administration expresses deep regret to the weakness of governmental and private organizations in respect to the plight afflicting the House more than two years and non-fulfillment of their role and promises to support the house and help it get out of the ordeal, despite internal and external appeals and meetings of solidarity, the most important of which was the meeting of solidarity of the EU ambassadors, when they gathered, on Saturday October 21, 2009 to Headquarters of the House and held a press conference and filed a letter addressed to His Excellency the President of the Republic appealing to him to intervene to save the house of folklore in providing a place for its belongings, accommodating its activities and status, which provides a picture on Yemen diversity and plurality for reading and dialogue with the world. They reflected in their words: “… The European Mission calls upon the President of the Republic of Yemen, and the Yemeni government, and any other competent authority to provide support for this very important institution. One of the most pressing issues is the need for a suitable building for the House of Folklore to be able to establish a better organization of the diverse museum of all Yemeni provinces, as well as the staff required to run other programs and initiatives. The European members of the mission will be happy to participate in the opening of a new museum in the future, which has become more important and more urgent. ”
While the HoF expresses very much regret to the government agencies that have issued numerous statements and promises to help the HoF but in vain, the HoF sends its greetings coupled with thanks and gratitude to all those who seek to help it. We should not forget to praise the reaction of the Minister of State; Secretary of the Capital / Abd al-Rahman al-Akwa, so that in spite of these efforts did not achieve the desired result, but they are commendable and cherished and it is enough that they expressed good faith and reflected good understanding and appreciation of the role of folklore.
In this context, it must be stressed that we had to close the House after we had exhausted all ways and knocked a lot of doors. We will not, however, surrender, and the door of hope will continue to be open for future would have provided the exits, opportunities and possibilities and responsible wills that are able to help to the HoF have a house in Sana’a, Aden, Taiz, Dhamar, and Hadramout, or, at home or abroad. The need to save and protect this heritage equals our need to defend our right to life and existence on earth.
Issued from the house of the popular tradition – Sana’a